Sunday, 11 January 2015

06 - So Close to Operation Combination - Battle Gaia

Please be advised, these photos are from the Yahoo Japan Auction that closed yesterday for about 130000 yen. Not mine.

This listing came up online about 6 days ago and at first I just added it to my watch list and didn't give it much thought. A couple days ago however, I gave it another look and my eyes nearly popped half way out of my head.

At first glance, you see Overlord, Star Saber, Victory Leo and Ginrai, nothing too special. But when you start looking a little closer, you'll notice a few pieces of Liokaiser, with a Leozack and Hellbat at the bottom.

The real gem though if you look at the blue figure next to Siren is GREAT CANNON....aka Onslaught from the Battle Gaia set. If you look closely, you'll see that he already has his combiner head attached and cannons on the back.

After a short moment to re-align my eyes back into their sockets, my search began to locate the rest of the pieces in a sort of Where's Waldo search. After about 5 minutes of flipping my laptop to the side and upside down, I finally was able to locate the other 4 members of Battle Gaia. Can you see where they are?

Now the point to this post and my bit of advice for any auction hunters out there. Don't let enthusiasm take over common sense. Don't look at an auction and think what the maximum amount it could be worth, look at it for what's the minimum.

I didn't win it sadly, I set my limit to about 80000 yen. As much as I wanted to win this lot, the main reason for me was for Liokaiser and Battle Gaia. The thought crossed my mind to sell off the other pieces in the lot that I didn't need and so I began to determine a value for everything. 

After doing a lot of searching online to determine what fair market value was for the other pieces, I realized that there was a really big risk to this. Most of the figures here are just bodies, and based on these pictures alone, it's impossible to tell the condition they were in, especially my main target Battle Gaia. Secondly, it was stated that there was a box of accessories, great, but no pictures of what they were. 

Unfortunately, most of these figures without their accessories aren't worth a great deal, so the value of most of these was up in the air. For my targeted pieces, again, it was impossible to tell the condition of the figures and if they had any accessories, which meant that even if I won this, tracking down the accessories for them, especially Battle Gaia would be next to impossible. 

Lastly, shipping, this is a big lot and after factoring shipping to Canada, it would add an extra $150 atleast. So barring all that in mind, I set my limit, lost, and closed my browser, remembering one of my rules of never chasing a bid past my limit. 

Guess my Battle Gaia hunt continues....but then, that's part of the fun isn't it?

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