Monday, 2 March 2015

07 - Hello Goodbye Convoy

Finally!! I've been patiently waiting to find this set along with the Goodbye Megatron set for some time now. There have been a number of opportunities but unfortunately none for a price I was willing to pay. Patience finally paid off and now I have him.

Unfortunately the box has a pretty big flap crease, but thankfully the rest of the box is in decent condition aside from the small tear in the top left corner. 

The contents are complete, stickers have been applied except for Convoy's trailer. It also comes with all inserts except the poster which is missing. Hopefully I can track one down to make this set complete.

While I'm certainly happy I was able to get this set, I do feel a bit disappointed because around the same time of this auction, there was a completely unused Goodbye Megatron set also available. Sadly I had just purchased this one and so I didn't have enough funds for the other. The Megatron set did end at a fairly decent price for whoever was lucky enough to win it. Guess the hunt continue for that one!!

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