Nakano Transformers Hunting

Nakano Broadway

Most people who go to Tokyo instantly think AKIHABARA as the place to go in terms of anime and toy hunting. While not to say that this isn't necessarily true as it is the largest anime filled district in Tokyo, but Nakano Broadway in my opinion rivals Akihabara due to the concentration of stores found within. Below are just a few of the shops that might interest a Transformers hunter, but there are a lot of other stores within that might just have that rare figure you've been looking for. Be prepared though as this is a 4 floor complex so expect to spend atleast a couple of hours browsing around.

To get to Nakano Broadway, take the JR Chuo Line and get off at Nakano Station and it's a quick walk just past the "Sun Mall" Shopping Centre.

Mandarake Nakano
One might think that their Akihabara store is their main location however that's actually not the case. This is the main store and was actually their first shop which started back in 1987. Again, just like other vintage shops, inventory changes often so it can really be hit or miss. However, because this is their main shop, they almost always have an English speaking representative on hand which can really help. Also don't be afraid to ask them about their other locations such as directions to them. I've never had a bad customer service experience at Mandarake, all of their staff have always tried their best to help. For directions see here: Mandarake Nakano

Cube Style
Simple concept really, they provide rental cubes for people to sell their toys and in return take a percentage cut. It's hit or miss here but the last time I was there I found a sealed Reissue Star Convoy for 3,500 yen which is a steal. Don't miss out on Cube Style because you never know what you're going to see.

Liberty Nakano
Same store as the one in Akihabara, they offer a good variety of toys and so Liberty Nakano is a shop you will want to check out again, and again, and possibly again.

Robot Robot 2
Robot Robot 2 is another store selling figures, however they have a tendency to focus more on American lines atleast from the times that I went. But hey, never know if any of you are out there looking for American Transformers figures so might as well throw it in as a recommended site. That said, anyone coming from a country where these figures are readily available, you may want to give it a pass.

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