Who's Teruo?

Who's Teruo one might ask? 
Simply put, Teruo is my Japanese name and the majority of my screen names on TFW2005 and Cybertron.ca for example use some form of variation of it. The Tokyo part of the blog name simply represents my favourite travel destination. I've had the opportunity to travel to a number of countries around the world but the one that my wife and I always enjoy going back to is Japan so I figure why not. Although for a more attractive title, teruotokyo sounds better than teruojapan.

What's the point of this blog?
I know there are a ton of other blogs out there dedicated to this hobby of ours and you might wonder what's going to make mine any different. Well, it's not per say. I'm certainly not trying to re-invent the wheel, but I'm excited to blog on my collecting adventures coupled with reviews of figures. Also as you may have noticed, I've dedicated a good portion of this blog towards helping readers find information on toy hunting in Japan.

When did you start collecting?
Since I was 2 years old, honestly! I was born in the mid 80's and I received a huge lot of figures from one of my cousins when he grew out of them (based on ebay prices, I wonder if he's ever kicked himself for that one). Since then I was always engrossed in Transformers from watching re-runs when I got home from school to going to local flea markets hunting for figures. Unfortunately G1 was nearly done by the time I was about 6 so buying pre movie figures wasn't exactly an option.

Since then, through public school, high school, university and into my adulthood, I've never stopped collecting, just the occasional break here and there. I've seen the ups and downs, the death of the flea market local shop finds to the introduction of eBay and online purchases. All the while though, I've always kept an eye out for figures that interested me.

Got Questions?
I'm always willing to provide any information about shopping for Transformers in Japan or even providing just general travel information about Japan. So if you have any questions you're always more than welcome to send me a message. Cheers!

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