Osaka Transformers Hunting

While the majority of pages have focused on shopping in Tokyo, I do take a trip out to Osaka every other time I visit Japan so here are a few of my favourite places to go for vintage toy hunting.

Store Listing:

Mandarake Umeda - (Osaka, Kita-ku, Osaka Doyama-cho, 9-28) Just like other Mandarake locations in Tokyo, this one is worth taking a look into as well.  Click here for a link to their location map Mandarake Umeda

G-One Super Position Capsule / Supoji (Nipponbashi) - (Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi Nihonbashi 3-7-5) This is the main Supoji branch and all 3 floors are packed with figures. I've been able to find a few goodies here and would recommend giving it a try. The area is often considered to be the Akihabara district of Osaka so checking out this Supoji branch for sure.

Hero Gangu - (Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Nipponbashi 4-9-21) This store features a massive amount of toys I have to say and should be on the top of anyone's list for second hand vintage toy hunting, Transformers or other in Osaka. Note that Hero Gangu does close every Wednesday.


Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle - (3-4-16 Naniwa-Ku Nipponbashi Osaka) Fair warning, this store has a lot of stuff and you are more than likely going to find something of interest. However, their prices, atleast from my experiences, have always seemed to be a tad high in comparison to other avenues of obtaining the same figure. It's still a fantastic shop to see in person a lot of rare goodies, but just be prepared at the sticker price. In a sense of irony, because of their higher prices, figures often sit for longer than they would at other stores so if you just have to have that figure, it can atleast give you a bit of time to think about it.

Mandarake Grandchaos store - (located in the Amerika Mura district) This is a much larger Mandarake and is certainly worth going to as it's close to the Dotonbori district which literally every tourist goes to because it's recommended by every tourist guide book. The interesting thing is that it's right in the middle of Amerika Mura which is essentially, America town. It's a neat little area to say the least. Click on the link here for the map to their store Mandarake Grandchaos Store

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