Thursday, 18 December 2014

04 - Transformers Dino-Cassette C-121 Gurafi/Graphy MIB

I've been on a little mini quest or side quest if you will, to obtain the 4 dino-cassettes as of late. Now I know the rarity of them are some what questionable as they do pop up from time to time for sale in Japan and even on eBay, the prices are normally a tad bit more than I'm willing to pay. While I'm determined to eventually collect them all, I've set myself a specific amount that I'm willing to drop on each figure since at the end of the day, rare or not, they're just cassettes IMO.

By stroke of luck, I happened to find myself in a position to purchase this little guy above for about $160 USD shipped. Before doing so, I spent a good half hour combing through the internet to find information on if this was a KO or not. With all signs pointing to it being an original, I pulled the trigger.

Reviews of the figure have been done before in depth so I won't be going into a whole lot of detail. That said however, it's a very unique figure. Is it worth paying hundreds of dollars for a single cassette? well that's all up to the individual purchaser.

Unfortunately, I won't be adding C-122 Noizu/Noise anytime soon. A buddy of mine happened to find a complete one available for sale, but by the time I decided to purchase it, the seller had already sold him for about $450. In hindsight, it might be for the best because after getting Gurafi in hand, I'm no longer sure I would be willing to dish out $400 for Noizu. Here's hoping luck strikes again and I can get him for under $200...... I know I know, wishful thinking haha.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

03 - Madhaus-con

I had the pleasure of going to Madhaus Toy's open house Transformers sale on Saturday. I met him a couple of years ago and he has been my source for 3rd party figures in Toronto. Can't beat his prices and he's an awesome guy to deal with.

After spending a little time talking to people there, I walked out with Maketoys Quantron, TFcon Chicago Cubrar and a Twincast reissue MISB (beer not included, unfortunately).

Not going to post much of my thoughts on Quantron and Cubrar since there's a ton of reviews out there, however I'll say this, if you haven't had the chance to pick them up, do it now. Especially when it comes to Cubrar. I've seen a lot of pictures of the retail version and while it looks great, the TFcon version just pops. Unless price is a larger concern or for the sake of a more G1 look, TFcon Cubrar just looks amazing, especially when you place the red head on him.

Anyways if you're in the Toronto/GTA area and looking for 3rd party figs or loose G1's check out Madhaus Toys, you won't regret it (well, maybe your wallet might).

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

02 - Disappointment Gold Diaclone Jazz MIB

I was given the opportunity to purchase the above pictured Diaclone Jazz figure that was a prize draw and of course extremely limited. After speaking with Maz whom as you all may know is an authority when it comes to Diaclone figures, who helped me to verify the authenticity of the figure as I was initially worried that it was the eHobby Gold Jazz figure just placed in a Diaclone box. I was set on purchasing it from a friend of a friend whom lives in Japan.

After a bit of back and forth talks, I had put in an offer price that I felt was reasonable based on what Maz had said previous ones had gone for, unfortunately I was a few Yen too short and the seller sold it to another local collector whom shall remain anonymous (However lets just say that he has a very extensive lucky draw collection that I've had the great pleasure of seeing in person).

Now that part really isn't the key to my disappointment, as I knew that I wouldn't be able to go up against that buyer's war chest of funds so to speak. The real kicker though is that a week after, a friend of mine alerted me to the fact that there was an auction on Yahoo Japan for the same figure, and it had ended below my original offer to the other seller! If only a muttered to myself after banging my head on the desk....

I suppose it just wasn't meant to be, so for the interim, I'll have these pictures of the ended auction to drool over until another chance comes up. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

01 - Introduction

The inaugural posting for my blog!!!

Well, as you might be able to tell, I've spent a good amount of time updating the toy shopping pages of the site. So hopefully some of you who happen to have come onto this site can use the information there. However now that is out of the way, I'll be focusing on actual articles for the blog.

I'm currently taking a few photos of a couple of recent acquisitions that I've made in the last couple of months. I've been focusing a lot lately on increasing my G1 Japanese Transformers so look out within the next week as I'll be putting up a few pictures and reviews of them.