Thursday, 18 December 2014

04 - Transformers Dino-Cassette C-121 Gurafi/Graphy MIB

I've been on a little mini quest or side quest if you will, to obtain the 4 dino-cassettes as of late. Now I know the rarity of them are some what questionable as they do pop up from time to time for sale in Japan and even on eBay, the prices are normally a tad bit more than I'm willing to pay. While I'm determined to eventually collect them all, I've set myself a specific amount that I'm willing to drop on each figure since at the end of the day, rare or not, they're just cassettes IMO.

By stroke of luck, I happened to find myself in a position to purchase this little guy above for about $160 USD shipped. Before doing so, I spent a good half hour combing through the internet to find information on if this was a KO or not. With all signs pointing to it being an original, I pulled the trigger.

Reviews of the figure have been done before in depth so I won't be going into a whole lot of detail. That said however, it's a very unique figure. Is it worth paying hundreds of dollars for a single cassette? well that's all up to the individual purchaser.

Unfortunately, I won't be adding C-122 Noizu/Noise anytime soon. A buddy of mine happened to find a complete one available for sale, but by the time I decided to purchase it, the seller had already sold him for about $450. In hindsight, it might be for the best because after getting Gurafi in hand, I'm no longer sure I would be willing to dish out $400 for Noizu. Here's hoping luck strikes again and I can get him for under $200...... I know I know, wishful thinking haha.

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