Sunday, 30 November 2014

03 - Madhaus-con

I had the pleasure of going to Madhaus Toy's open house Transformers sale on Saturday. I met him a couple of years ago and he has been my source for 3rd party figures in Toronto. Can't beat his prices and he's an awesome guy to deal with.

After spending a little time talking to people there, I walked out with Maketoys Quantron, TFcon Chicago Cubrar and a Twincast reissue MISB (beer not included, unfortunately).

Not going to post much of my thoughts on Quantron and Cubrar since there's a ton of reviews out there, however I'll say this, if you haven't had the chance to pick them up, do it now. Especially when it comes to Cubrar. I've seen a lot of pictures of the retail version and while it looks great, the TFcon version just pops. Unless price is a larger concern or for the sake of a more G1 look, TFcon Cubrar just looks amazing, especially when you place the red head on him.

Anyways if you're in the Toronto/GTA area and looking for 3rd party figs or loose G1's check out Madhaus Toys, you won't regret it (well, maybe your wallet might).

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