Wednesday, 7 January 2015

05 - Transformers Collector's Edition e-Hobby Road Rage MISB

I've had this guy in my collection since 2008 where I purchased it in Tokyo from one of the Mandarake's. Road Rage as many of you might know is a re-colored Tracks and was meant to look like a reissue of the Diaclone Corvette Stingray, sadly no Diaclone driver included.

When I was in Tokyo that year, I had set off to hunt down as many of these eHobby Diaclone style reissues as I could possibly find but this was the only one I could come across. This set in particular was extremely popular and finding one second hand back then was difficult. As much as I would have loved to acquire a true Diaclone version, this was the next best thing for me.

Sadly though, I've hit a point where I'm downsizing a number of my figures in favor of acquiring others so this guy will be gone from my collection within the next month or so as I already have a buyer lined up. That said, I thought I should give it a post of it's own as the story of me acquiring it is a memory of that trip.

We had just arrived in Akihabara after a day of sightseeing elsewhere in Tokyo, it was pouring rain and the Mrs was pretty hungry so we decided that we would only go into one store since it was close to closing time anyways. After entering Mandarake, I did a quick look through only to find disappointment. Just as I was about to leave a friendly associate came over and asked what I  was looking for, when I told him e-Hobby Transformers, he said they just received some new toys that day that weren't out yet. He quickly disappeared for a good 20 minutes, while in the meantime the store had pretty much emptied out. We weren't entirely sure what to do since he was gone for so long and we were just about to leave until he came back with Road Rage. I quickly paid for him, thanked him profusely since he looked out of breath and I could tell had pretty much run around the entire place looking for it. We went on to eat at a restaurant on the upper floor of Yodobashi, the Mrs happily eating and me happily admiring my figure.

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